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BEST Protocol

We are Proud to Offer the B.E.S.T Practice Protocol

The four part protocol ensures the very best results for our patients dealing with spine and joint pain.


A New Treatment is Helping People Restore Normal Motion & Feel Young Again

The BEST Practice Protocol is an exclusive protocol developed by Dr. Thomas Pratt that uses Bio-Photo Cellular Therapy to treat pain without harmful medications, painful therapy, or risky surgeries.

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Will The Best Practice Protocol Work For You?

The best way to learn if a medical treatment is right for you is to see it in person. Schedule a comprehensive evaluation and get the answers you need:

#1 What’s the real cause of my pain?

We’ll do a full evaluation to learn the cause & severity of the damage to determine if you’re a candidate for the BEST Practice Protocol. In rare cases, some people are not a good fit. If that happens to be you, we promise to tell you.

#2 Will The BEST Practice Protocol work for me?

After your evaluation, you’ll try a treatment to see how it works and if it could help you get back to enjoying your favorite activities with family and friends.

#3 How long will it take to treat?
Everyone is different so after evaluating you we will create and present you a custom treatment plan. It will map out what treatments are needed, how many, and the frequency recommended.

Schedule A Free Evaluation And Treatment Now!
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