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Are Massages Safe for Everyone?

Massage therapy has been around in some form for almost 5,000 years. Originating in India, the practice of massage made its way to China, Southeast Asia, and Egypt before eventually ending up in Europe and throughout the Western world. 

Massage has been a staple of holistic medicine and healing for centuries, and eventually evolved as a wellness and self care practice.

At New Hampshire Regenerative Center, we offer several therapeutic massage treatments for pain relief, physical rehabilitation from injuries, and general wellness at our office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Types of massages

There are many different massage types that are designed to address specific issues and ailments within the body. Anyone can go to a spa and book a massage for any reason, usually for general relaxation or when you need a little pampering. 

But getting the wrong type of massage for your needs or going to an inexperienced or unlicensed practitioner can do more harm than good and put you at risk for injury.

The main massage types include:

Benefits of massage

In addition to targeting muscle pain and helping to heal soft tissue injuries, massage therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of health and wellness issues including:

When to use caution

Even deep tissue massages, which use more pressure, are noninvasive and generally safe for most people in good health. But there are a few circumstances where you should exercise caution and get medical clearance before getting a massage. 

You should have medical clearance if you have:

At your consultation, we go over your medical history, discuss any medications or medical treatments you’re undergoing at the time of your appointment, and answer all of your questions to make sure that massage therapy is safe for you. 

For more information about the benefits of therapeutic massage, contact us to schedule an appointment today at our Manchester, New Hampshire, office.

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