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Chronic Tension Headaches: How Trigger Point Injections Can Help

Tension headaches are very common. In fact, as many as 80% of Americans experience one at some point. While most people have these headaches from time to time, chronic tension headaches can linger for weeks or even months. 

Depending on the severity and underlying causes, tension headaches can be debilitating and disrupt your health, ability to work, and overall quality of life.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from chronic tension headaches, we can help. At New Hampshire Regenerative Center, our integrative medicine team offers several treatment options for injuries and pain management, including trigger point injections

What causes chronic tension headaches?

Like their name suggests, tension headaches cause a sensation of pressure and tightness in your head and neck due to muscle contractions. Tension headaches range in severity and can be triggered by a number of different factors.

A few common triggers for a tension headache include:

Everyone is different, so you may have several triggers, and it can take time to pinpoint the underlying cause of chronic tension headaches. 

If you’re experiencing tension headaches that last for 15 days or longer over an extended period of time, schedule an appointment so we can figure out the underlying cause and rule out potential health problems. 

How trigger point injections can help manage tension headaches

Since tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions, treating the symptoms with pain relievers and other medications only goes so far. 

Trigger point injections help with chronic tension headaches by focusing on the root cause of the headaches and targeting the trigger points that may be causing the muscles to contract. 

We inject a solution of an anesthetic, corticosteroids, or other medications directly into the affected muscle group, delivering targeted and fast-acting relief at the source of your tension headaches. 

We use trigger point injections as a standalone treatment or along with other pain management services like therapeutic massage and physical therapy.

In addition to tension headaches, trigger point injections also help to manage back pain, shoulder pain, and other problems related to muscle contractions and injuries.

For more information about trigger point injections and other pain relief treatments, contact us at New Hampshire Regenerative Center to schedule an appointment at our office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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