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Drug-Free Treatments for Chronic Pain

Millions of Americans struggle to get through the day due to chronic pain. In fact, more than 20% of American adults struggle with some form of chronic pain. 

Pain medication is just one way to deal with chronic pain, but if you’re like many of our patients, you may be concerned about addiction to opioids and other drugs used to treat pain. Drug-free treatments for chronic pain provide an effective and sustainable solution.

At New Hampshire Regenerative Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, our pain management team offers several solutions to help you recover from chronic pain caused by sports injuries, workplace accidents, medical conditions, and more.

Easing chronic pain without drugs

Some people suffering from chronic pain mistakenly believe that living with pain is normal or that there are limited treatment options available. In fact, chronic pain is not normal, nor is it an inevitable part of life, even if you’ve been living with it for years.

In addition to back pain, which is one of the most common sources of chronic pain, long-term pain-sufferers also struggle with:

Even if you’ve tried other pain management before with limited or no success, don’t give up. We work with you to find the best pain recovery plan for your needs and unique situation.

Drug-free treatments for chronic pain include:

Drugs prescribed to alleviate pain may only offer short-term relief of your symptoms. Drug-free pain management symptoms like trigger point injections and PRP are designed to target the underlying cause of pain at the source.

Chronic pain can be complex and get worse over time depending on the cause, your health, and your lifestyle. If you’re suffering from moderate to intense pain that makes it difficult or impossible to exercise or stay active, you may also be at risk for other health problems in the future.

Get help for chronic pain

Nathaniel Shober, ND, and our team at New Hampshire Regenerative Center design a pain management treatment plan based on your specific needs. In some cases, a combination of medication and drug-free treatments like physical therapy and therapeutic massage works well to help ease and alleviate chronic pain symptoms.

For more information about the pain management treatment plans and services available at New Hampshire Regenerative Center, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our clinic in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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