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How Obesity Can Cause Sciatica

Obesity is an ongoing problem in the United States for both adults and children. In fact, more than 40% of American adults are obese, and over 13 million children and teenagers (18%) are struggling with obesity. 

Along with the added health risks — such as an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer — obesity can also increase your risk of joint and back problems that can negatively affect your mobility and quality of life. Sciatica is one such condition.

At New Hampshire Regenerative Center LLC, we offer integrative medicine treatment and pain management for sciatica and other forms of pain at our office in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

How obesity increases your risk of sciatica

Sciatica develops when the sciatic nerve is compressed and becomes inflamed, usually from a spinal problem like a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. Obesity causes additional weight and pressure on your spine that can trigger compression of the sciatic nerve. 

Obesity also increases your risk of diabetes, which in turn increases your risk of nerve damage and can trigger sciatica. 

How you can lower your risk of sciatica

To protect yourself and lower your risk of developing sciatica and many other health problems, maintain a healthy weight by eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. 

Many of the serious health problems that plague Americans, such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, and certain forms of cancer can be prevented or managed by watching your weight and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle and bad posture can also increase your risk of sciatica and contribute to low back pain. If you’re worried about your risk of developing sciatica and need help making the right lifestyle adjustments, we at New Hampshire Regenerative Center can help. 

Getting help for sciatica 

Depending on the severity and underlying cause, sciatica flare-ups can usually be treated conservatively. Some of the treatment options we offer include:

Sciatica results in lost productivity due to missed work and lost wages, as well as the associated health care costs. And sciatica symptoms and other forms of pain make it more difficult for you to be active and get enough exercise, which can make the problem worse in the long run. 

If you’re suffering from sciatica or other forms of pain, we can help. For more information about our treatment and pain management programs available at our office in Manchester, New Hampshire, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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