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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy: A Boon For Sufferers of Chronic Back Pain


Chronic back pain is the most common cause of disability in adults younger than 45! 

If you deal with the agony of chronic pain, there’s new hope for relief — Allograft Therapy, a regenerative treatment that naturally diminishes pain! Regenerative medicine focuses on using your body’s natural healing ability to repair injuries and alleviate pain — even hard-to-treat chronic back pain!

Whether the pain in your back is due to an injury or degenerative disease, healing begins with cells, a process we can boost by injecting additional regenerative cells!

Our team at the New Hampshire Regenerative Center has helped many people with chronic pain find relief with Regenerative Medicine! We look forward to helping you return to a more active life! Until then, here’s the rundown on Regenerative Medicine and how it works.

Regenerative Medicine 

Cells are responsible for developing and maintaining every tissue in your body, a task they’re uniquely equipped to perform because they continuously divide, replicate, and produce new cells!

Each cell can self-renew and differentiate (develop into more specialized cells) as many times as needed to repair and replace old or damaged tissues in your body.

When you suffer an injury or develop a disease, these cells naturally migrate to the damaged area and begin to rebuild the tissues your body needs to heal. The only problem is that the activity tends to slow down as you get older, which means that sometimes your body can benefit from a boost in those regenerative cells.

That’s where Regenerative Medicine comes to the rescue! When we inject a concentrated amount of cells into the damaged area, the extra cells immediately start the healing process!

Let’s get down to what you really want to know — what they can do to relieve your chronic pain?

In addition to healing damaged and diseased tissues — an ability that goes a long way toward alleviating chronic pain — Allografts have another trick up their sleeve: They also contain growth factors. Growth factors are specialized proteins that trigger and accelerate the healing process!

 Here is how they help:

Your immediate pain relief is achieved by the anti-inflammatory action of the cells, then longer-term relief develops as damaged tissues are repaired.

Regenerative Medicine may also help your back pain by preventing conditions like disc degeneration from worsening. 

No matter what causes your chronic back pain, we can evaluate your condition and determine whether you’re a good candidate for Regenerative therapy. If you have questions or would like to learn more about your regenerative treatment options, call 603-945-1945 or book an appointment online! 


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