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What to Expect at Your DOT Exam

A Department of Transportation (DOT) exam consists of a comprehensive physical exam to ensure that you are eligible and meet all of the fitness requirements you need to safely perform your job. There are several components to the exam, which also includes a medical history. 

At New Hampshire Regenerative Center, our integrative medicine doctor, Nathaniel Shober, ND, and our team of DOT exam specialists offer a range of services to help you get ready for your DOT exam.

Here’s what you can expect on your next DOT exam and the information you need to bring with you to your appointment in order to successfully complete your evaluation. 

What’s covered on a DOT exam?

The point of the DOT exam is to show that you’re in good health and meet all of the physical requirements necessary to safely do your job. If your job title and responsibilities are categorized as safety-sensitive, the Department of Transportation may require that you take and pass the DOT exam.

The exam consists of a comprehensive medical history and physical examination to test for things like your reflexes, mental acuity, and general physical fitness. 

Medical records and complete list of medications

If you’re taking any medication, provide us with a full list of your medications and dosage information. And if you are in treatment for any health problem like diabetes, sleep apnea, or cardiovascular problems, bring documentation from your primary physician about your treatment plan, including any treatment for mental health issues.

Physical health screening for DOT exam

The DOT exam is necessary to ensure that commercial drivers meet all of the physical and mental requirements to drive safely. The physical exam includes hearing and vision screenings. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring them with you to the exam. 

You can also expect a blood pressure test, a urine analysis, and physical screenings to check your reflexes and general fitness. 

Getting ready for the DOT exam

If you know that you have to take the DOT exam at some point, get a head start by discussing any health issues or concerns ahead of time with your physician. 

If you’ve suffered an injury in the past or are experiencing pain or limited range of motion, you may benefit from rehabilitative treatments like therapeutic massage or trigger point injections to alleviate pain and muscle tension. 

For more information about preparing for your DOT exam, contact us today at New Hampshire Regenerative Center to schedule an appointment with a DOT exam specialist at our office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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