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Why Regenerative Therapy Is a Good Choice For Relieving Pain

Pain is a distress signal that your body sends to your brain when it’s been damaged, so that you avoid stressing the affected body part and get help. Masking the pain with medications that block your body’s pain-signaling processes may give you relief, but doesn’t repair the actual damage. If you have chronic pain (pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more), you may not even remember or know what caused the original injury.

At the New Hampshire Regenerative Center, LLC, in Manchester, New Hampshire, our team of expert chiropractors and nurse practitioners stay on the cutting-edge of pain relief by offering regenerative medicine that repairs the damage behind your pain.

If you’re not sure what regenerative medicine is, or how it can work to stop your pain, here are a few reasons why it may be the solution for which you’ve been searching:

The “ingredients” are all-natural

Our highly trained medical team bases your regenerative therapy on the power of stem cells, which repair and regrow injured tissues that are at the root of your pain. The stem cells aren’t taken from a foreign source; you donate them yourself. The stem-cell therapy is only composed of your own, natural stem cells, taken from unneeded fat deposits in your abdomen, hips, or elsewhere.

Because you’re not allergic to yourself, you can’t have a reaction to stem-cell therapy. Other than some soreness at the injection sites, you won’t experience any side-effects. You also can’t reject the therapy, because it’s made from your own cells.

Regenerative therapy is flexible

Our team focuses on mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are non-differentiated cells that can form themselves into many other types of cells, as needed. Your practitioner injects MSCs directly into the injured nerve, bone, or tissue.

The MSCs grow healthy new blood vessels to increase circulation and accelerate healing at the injury site. They also secrete proteins and growth factors, which help the injured areas rebuild themselves. The MSCs can be used to repair or regrow:

Stem-cell therapy first gained popularity when surgeons and orthopedists used it to repair acute injuries and accelerate healing in professional athletes, such as Tiger Woods. However, we now use regenerative therapy to treat chronic pain conditions, too, including arthritis and back pain.

You subdue inflammation without drugs

During the healing process, your injured tissues release chemicals such as histamine and bradykinin, which cause the injured area to swell and become inflamed. The inflammation is part of the healing process, and yet it causes, pain, too, by irritating surrounding nerves.

Stem-cell therapy’s healing powers prevent the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals. If you have an overactive immune system that’s attacking healthy tissue, MSCs can quiet down your immune response and stop the attacks.

Regenerative therapy is holistic

As with all the healing options we offer at the New Hampshire Regenerative Center, LLC, regenerative therapy is a holistic treatment that works with your body, not against it. Regenerative therapy is compatible with other supportive therapies, including chiropractic adjustments, nutritional guidance, and exercise.

The relief continues with time

If you’re a candidate for regenerative therapy, you may need a series of stem-cell treatments to stimulate healing and rebuild your injured nerves and other tissues. You’ll notice a change over the next several weeks that continues and improves for months.  

Not everyone is a candidate for regenerative therapy. To schedule a consultation and evaluation, use our online form or call our friendly office staff.

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