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Naturopathic Medicine Specialist

New Hampshire Regenerative Center LLC

Alternative Medicine located in Manchester, NH

Naturopathic Medicine Q & A

Utilizing both natural therapies and modern tools, naturopathic medicine is a profoundly effective form of medicine for people of all ages. It is a medicine that identifies and treats the underlying cause of illnesses. It encompasses prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses on physical, mental, and emotional levels. It removes obstacles to healing and supports the natural healing processes of the individual patient. It is a potent combination of art and science.

In New Hampshire, naturopathic doctors are licensed after completing naturopathic medical school and passing rigorous board exams. Trained to provide primary care, NDs offer a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools.  

Principals of Naturopathic Medicine include: First do no harm, Prevention, Healing power of nature, Doctor as Teacher, Treat the whole person, and Identify and treat the cause. 

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