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Neuropathy Treatments

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Neuropathy Treatments

Are you experiencing pain, numbness, burning, tingling or loss of feeling because of neuropathy? It is estimated that 42.5 million Americans suffer from neuropathy with very few good solutions. Finally, there is an answer.

Most people have given up on treating their progressive disease of neuropathy. The only medical approach has been strong medicine that at best covers up some of the symptoms. Now, there is an effective approach using the healing effects of cold Summus Medical Laser.

At New Hampshire Regenerative Center we utilize a Class IV laser protocol that is 90% effective and has no harmful side effects. For our patients, it has been a dream come true to relieve the awful symptoms and stop the progression of this disease.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

Summus Medical Laser is a proven treatment.

Summus Medical Laser therapy delivers specific red and near infrared wave lengths of laser light to induce a therapeutic effect within the involved nerves. During each painless treatment, laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. This reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms and improves function of the nerves.

The class IV Summus Medical Laser triggers an increase in cellular energy (ATP) that leads to a cascade of beneficial effects, increasing nerve cellular function and health.

With a 90% success rate, you owe it to yourself to experience the effects of these Summus Medical Laser treatments.

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